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  1. Alan Sault MD, ABHM says:

    Ciao April and thanks for the nice comment. I tried looking you up so I could write more but could not find more about you (probably my fault since I am far from a techy). I hope the blog helped ;you! That was just a small piece from my book which has a lot more in it about thyroid and other diseases all related to stress. Love to hear from you on how to learn more about you.
    Namaste, Alan

    • Hi! Thanks so much for replying. I’m pretty much an open book so I don’t mind sharing about myself. As far as Thyroid, I’ve been having a difficult time. I just turned 48 this month. This thyroid thing has kinda taken my life over the last few years. Anything you would like to know feel free to ask. I was having a bad night last night, couldn’t sleep, which happens a lot these days. I’m going to read your blog again to understand better. I read it about 3/4 am! Thanks again and I’m open to anything that may help me. My body doesn’t seem to absorb the thyroid meds. Hopefully I can sleep tonight!

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