Robert Griffin III has another moronic slogan for this season

Robert, Robert, Robert…I’m pulling for ya man but another slogan?? Guess you just being you..lets just hope this you is similar to the 2012 you!! HTTR

For The Win

(USA TODAY Sports Images) (USA TODAY Sports Images)

For some reason, Robert Griffin III has been subtitling each of his professional seasons like he’s a freaking Marvel movie.

Season 1: “Know your why.”

Season 2: “All in for week 1.”

Season 3: “This is for us.”

(AP) (AP)

And, for the upcoming season — Griffin’s fourth in the NFL — he has a new catchphrase. It encapsulates the last two years of frustration, disappointment, benchings, statistical deterioration, Shanahaning and plain old stinking up the joint with losing records that may have put his fifth-year option (due Sunday) that seemed inevitable in jeopardy, all while narrating the process through the media.

Season 4: “Talk small, play big.”

(Sighs.) (Sighs again while closing eyes.) (Sighs once more while closing eyes and slowly shaking head.) (Sighs.)

(USA TODAY Sports Images) (USA TODAY Sports Images)

“Talk small, win big.” You’ve already disobeyed the first half of your slogan by coming up with a slogan! Any slogan is inherently big talk…

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