Alfred Morris Selected On Sixth Sense List

We gonna be watching as he does if again for us!! Who didn’t like this kid??!! HTTR

The Redskins Blog

For his part, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is nothing short of one of the greatest talent evaluators in NFL history. Not only have his first round picks (Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan and Robert Griffin III) prospered since the two-time Super Bowl winning coach joined the organization in January 2010, but he’s rounded out this year’s squad, already tapped as being one of the best in the NFL, with late round gems both selected on his own and discarded by the other 31 franchises.

As it stands now, 11 of the 22 projected starters for the Week 1 showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles were selected in the fourth round or later, or were free agents the second after Mr. Irrelevant learned of his new perks—outside of playing football.  Shanahan’s most notable late round selection? Look no further than the always humble, do whatever it takes second year running back…

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