DeAngelo Hall: ‘I’m One of the Best Shutdown Corners in the League’

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Yes you are!!! HTTR

Originally posted on CBS DC:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) - DeAngelo Hall is still one of the best shutdown corners in the league, DeAngelo Hall says.

Hall, in an interview with Herkules on 95.5 WPGC on Thursday, was simply asked if he’d be switching positions and transitioning to safety in the upcoming season.

Hall reiterated something he’d said previously – that he is not moving over to safety (at least not yet) — and then in asserting his fertile confidence in his ability to continue to play corner at a high level, issued a pronounced assessment of his own talent.

“I still feel like I’m one of the best shutdown corners in the league,” Hall said. “Until somebody shows me otherwise, I’m gonna keep going out there trying to own Dez [Bryant] and Calvin [Johnson] and A.J. Green, and all those other guys.”

For a point of reference, here’s how each of those three receivers fared against…

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Who Wore It Better: Kerrigan Or LeBron?


Love him!! Looking sharpe!! HTTR

Originally posted on The Redskins Blog:

Although I’m not one to clap and shriek at watch red carpet coverage in the hours leading up to the Oscars, I do enjoy one aspect of the fashionista Super Bowl.

While many women compete for best-dressed with a bottomless armoire of taped, sequined and beaded dress combinations, there are only so many ways to rock a tuxedo. So you’ll see some individuals lauded for lovely lapels while others are lampooned for their neck wear. (The smaller the better when it comes to bowties, Chris. AND YOU KNOW THIS, MAN).

Ryan Kerrigan added an accessory on Saturday you’re unlikely to see Sunday night. Attending a charitable masquerade ball in Richmond, Va., Kerrigan donned a black mask with his classic tux and notched lapels.

Was Kerrigan following ball protocol or was he riding the coattails of an NBA trend? Who wore it better, Kerrigan or…

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PFWA All-Rookie Jordan Reed And The Best Debut Seasons By A Redskins TE


Hope he can stay healthy! Really like him! HTTR

Originally posted on The Redskins Blog:



Despite missing seven games due to injury, tight end Jordan Reed was named to the 2013 Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA) All-Rookie Team.

The 23-year old out of Florida tallied 45 catches for 499 yards, setting new franchise marks for rookie tight ends in each category.

Let’s take a look back at Reed’s breakout campaign and compare it to a few other impressive rookies throughout Redskins history.


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Rob Jackson Happy Cowboys First Game


Hope he gets at Romo like he did last December! HTTR

Originally posted on The Redskins Blog:

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(AP Image)

Just went it seemed like it couldn’t get any better, the linebacker corps returns Rob Jackson this weekend after he served his four-game suspension.

Spelling Brian Orakpo for a play here or there is no easy task—a pass-rush stalwart and high-octane energy guy, No. 98 is one of a kind. But replacing him for 14 games in the starting lineup?

Not only did Rob Jackson set career-highs in his absence, but he capped off 2012 with an interception off Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo that set up the game-winning touchdown and made a home playoff game reality for the first time in 13 years.

But one interception off Romo isn’t good enough.

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Monday Morning Rewind And Regroup


This is good read!! Pointed to few good things for us!! HTTR

Originally posted on The Redskins Blog:

(AP Image)

(AP Image)

Okay so the season has gotten off to a less than ideal start plagued by slow out of the gate performances on the offensive side of the pigskin and unsatisfactory defensive performances, especially after allowing the Packers offense to gain 580 yards of total offense. Questions will continue to linger throughout the week as to what exactly is the culprit to the untimely struggles.

Robert Griffin III, who played in his first road game since an offseason recovery from knee surgery, had another up and down day, as the majority of his 320 yards came in the second half when the Packers lead extended to 30-plus points.

“I think we’ve had sloppy execution these first two games in general and we picked it up in the second half,” Griffin III said after the game. That’s a good sign but you have to play that way the whole game.”

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Chiefs Broadcaster Thinks RGIII Could be ‘President of the United States’


Bringing one man in and that’s his job, look at “spread option” on offense and defense! That’s what KC doing, they come to town to see in person this year but they say they will be ready!! HTTR

Originally posted on CBS DC:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) - The legend of Robert Griffin III continues to grow outside the friendly confines of the Washington metropolitan area, and while the confidence he exudes gives the feeling that his potential is limitless, at least one NFL broadcaster actually believes RGIII could some day be sitting in the Oval Office, like as the President.

No, really.

Mitch Holthus, the “Voice of the Chiefs” and all-around legend in Kansas City, said as much to Grant Paulsen and Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Friday.

“Now I love RGIII. Love him. Loved him at Baylor,” Holthus said. “I’ll just give you a quick story. My son coached football in Texas for a while, now he’s back in Kansas City. In his first game in Texas, they played Copperas Cove, he was at Belton. And he texts me, and he said ‘Dad, I’ve just seen the best athlete ever…

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